Celebrating “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”

Publication1We published this last year, but had forgotten all that was written. We thought it wouldn’t hurt to share it again.

Have a happy St. Nicholas Day!

The St. Anne's Scoop

Walking through the hallway outside our nurses’ office, I asked our residents in the med. line if they had celebrated St. Nicholas Day as children, putting out their shoes.  To my surprise, none of them had.  As a child, St. Nicholas visited our home every year on the eve of his feast in early December.

Last year, we at St. Anne’s had an 18-year old German girl, Antonia Kerl, stay with us for about three months.  This included St. Nicholas Day.  On that occasion, she did a program for our residents on “Christmas in Germany,” sharing German food and customs with our residents.  For the December issue of our newsletter, The Broadcaster, she also contributed a little article, featuring St. Nicholas as our “Saint of the Month.”  It ran as follows:

St. Nicholas was born in 270 AD and died on December 6, 343. He was the Bishop of Myra (what…

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One thought on “Celebrating “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”

  1. As I child I read from a book called ‘365 Bedtime Stories’. Each story was appropriate for that day of the year and the December 6th story was about St. Nicholas and traditions. So, when I became a mother, although it hadn’t been celebrated in my childhood, I made it a part of my own children’s.

    I remember the day I took my three little girls to the shopping mall to see the Santa (who listened to all the children’s hopes and dreams while their photo was slyly being snapped and sold to mom and dad). My girls had composed quite a large list for the occasion so that Santa “wouldn’t forget”. This particular gentleman far surpassed their expectations when he expressed his joy at hearing how they had polished and put out their shoes for him, leaving hay for his reindeer. They have never forgotten how he was able to read their Christmas list upside down, either.

    Several days later, they recounted this event to their Granny at her kitchen table. At that exact moment, the birch logs she had put in her fireplace rolled out on the hearth. Since everyone in the house was at the kitchen table, it HAD to be Santa, who had just stopped by to check up on them.


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