A Visit to the Heritage Center

By Shelly Mack, Activity Director

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A group of residents made a trip to the East Grand Forks Heritage Center.  We were met by Teri Gust Hammerbak, Mr. Vanderpan and Marilyn Egeland and a people-mover so we could ride and see the center grounds.

Teri had keys for all the buildings, so we got to tour the general store, Granvillle Church, Sherlock Home and school house and a room cabin where nine children were raised.

We all had a great time and enjoyed coffee and pie from McDonald’s as our last stop.

Our next outing will be a visit to Marie Paulson’s daughter’s farm in October.

A Resident’s Reflection on St. Anne’s

p7200004By Tom McLean, Resident

St. Anne’s is a very nice place to live.  Recently, a new bathtub and shower system was installed here.  The tubs are designed to be opened from the side.  The showers there have a pulsating massage type of shower head.  One can adjust them to utilize this option or simply use the regular shower option.

The lighting here at St. Anne’s includes newly installed LED lights and the heating system is up to date, meeting safety standards. St. Anne’s is handicapped accessible.

My impression of St. Anne’s is that is a very nice place to live; I am very privileged to live here.  I have lived here at St. Anne’s for close to eight years now.  Like everyone else here, my personal shopping needs and medical care is all provided for by the exceptionally good and friendly staff.

There is a comfortable chapel here.  Like the rest of St. Anne’s, it is handicapped accessible and is open all the time.  Pastoral care is very good and helpful here.  Mass is every day at 9 a.m.  Every Saturday morning, at 8 o’clock, there are ecumenical services here.

In conclusion, I consider it a great privilege to be living here.  I rate St. Anne’s very highly and would recommend it for anyone who needs a medical care facility to live in.

Lend a Hand?

social 047.JPGWould you like to help make a difference in our community?

Have you ever thought of volunteering at St. Anne’s?

People have come in to help with regular activities, to visit residents, or do any number of things.  One special group we have here is our St. Anne’s Auxiliary, which especially supports our activity department by helping with fundraisers, such as our upcoming fall sale and luncheon.  The auxiliary could do even more good for the people living at St. Anne’s if we had more members.

If you are interested in joining, that would be great!  The group is actually having its fall meeting on Thursday, October 6th. If you’d be interested in finding out more or would like to attend the meeting, please call Shelly at 701-746-9401, email us or fill out the form below.


Eyes Are Windows to the Soul


P7170002.JPGPost by Micah Kaiser, Staff Member at St. Anne’s Guest Home

Hello St. Anne’s Scoop Readers…It’s great to be alive, and here’s my approach to this life.

I was once told as a child that “your eyes are windows to your soul.” To take advantage of this window, I had to look deep into this thinking and put my own thoughts aside and wait for the moment, His moment.  I still try to continue to do this daily. I do it on a one-on-one level.  Also, a fact I’ve experienced in life is that God is in the detail not just the fine print.

Here, at St. Anne’s Guest Home, my job title is “universal worker.”  I love my title because I feel it in my heart and I earned it with putting forth the effort. This is who He wants me to be, a caregiver. For most people, this job doesn’t come easy or natural, but for me, it’s second nature. Just like mothering four little boys: I get down to their level because they can’t come up to mine.

All I have to do is just simply go upstairs and knock on a resident’s door and get to their personal level, and that opens up windows. God takes over; it’s in those tiny moments that the soul is vulnerable.  We help give, and also receive grace all day; I especially see this in working with those who are vulnerable, like my children and the residents here.

It’s so easy to just pause and say hello, to ask how they are and mean it. These are “God-shot” moments you will miss if you are “too busy.”

Life is, in fact, so busy that we don’t ever have time to slow down and get a break…So busy we don’t ever have inner peace and stillness and feel real humility. We just go on and think we need to gain more, earn more, love more. More, more, more! More is not enough and when is it too much?

I think daily about Philippines 4:13 ” I can do all thing’s through Christ whom strengthens me”.

Now, with an open mind as an adult, it is easier to look for my windows of opportunity to see the soul. Do you often find yourself in a judgemental state of mind or just bitter to others because of your own problems? Do you often judge people due to their race, sexuality, religion and or LACK of religion? Or by their house, car, bank account or even how they dress? If so, try to picture only souls and not bodies or their past just as Christ see’s them!  I enjoy seeing Christ here on all the walls (pictures, crucifixes, etc.) and in the words of our residents and minds of the staff.

P7170001.JPGFor me, this is all part of one spiritual journey and how I see through the windows to the soul.

Summer Olympics – in Rio or at St. Anne’s

In honor of the recent summer Olympics held in Brazil, we had our own games here at St. Anne’s.

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Residents were invited to construct a flag for a country and participate in a variety of competitions throughout the last week of August, including golf, rodeo golf, flag races and ‘Don’t Hit Zeus.’  We also had a torch run.  Closing Ceremonies were August 31st.  Our activity director, Shelly Mack, even dressed up in a toga for the occasion. Staff told participants they thought they were ‘top dog’ and served hotdogs and all the fixings to them for afternoon snacks.

We dare say some appetites were not as hearty at supper that evening!