Squeaky Clean: It’s Window Washing Time

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIsn’t it beautiful to see the sparkle of a freshly cleaned window?  There’s nothing quite like the gratification of seeing a surface shimmering after you’ve cleaned it!

Our men in maintenance get this wonderful opportunity today, I we just know their tickled pink about it.  Washing windows is certainly one of their favorite jobs!  No wonder they do it as seldom as possible!

There are a number of products which can be used for cleaning glass and windows, including Windex, Mrs. Meyer’s Glass, and Krud Kutter, but does anything really compare to the wonders vinegar water can do for your panes (or the bathroom mirror or kitchen floor)?

For window washing, some people suggest using old newspaper, but have you ever tried using a couple of smooth (non-terry cloth) towels, one for washing and one for drying?  That works very well indeed!  Microfiber is another option.

32oz20bottle20sprayerTo enhance the effect of vinegar water, one source suggests the following recipe which adds soap to the solution: 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon liquid soap or detergent, and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Others advise alcohol or cornstarch in place of the soap.  Another source advises warm/hot water when a heavy duty cleaner is needed.

The author is not certain what our maintenance men will be using for their favorite pastime (window washing) today, but if you haven’t given vinegar water a try, we’d suggest you do so on your next window washing / glass cleaning adventure!

What happened to Your Shirt?

This past Sunday morning, the receptionist here at St. Anne’s noticed one of our female residents toddling by with her walker.  She saw that the lady had a white t-shirt on and took a closer look, startled to notice that it was her ‘St. Anne’s shirt’ from nearly four years prior.

The t-shirt, made in honor of our 60th anniversary of care in Grand Forks had seen one too many washings.  There was no longer a trace of its original light blue color – the background was now a crisp white, though the lettering was still intact.

After a discussion of the humorous happening between our activity director and our administrator, the decision was made that we should pursue ordering new shirts.


This would benefit those whose shirts have seen better days, due to so much use as well as any new residents who have come during the interim.

It is timely in that we are looking forward to next month’s annual celebration of St. Anne’s Week.  During this week, we always have fun with several dress-up theme days, one of which includes wearing our blue St. Anne’s shirts.

The shirt features our name and globe-shaped logo of “Peace…Love…Joy.”  It also includes the words “Over 60 years of loving care in Grand Forks.”  Encircling all of this are the names of various departments within our facility: Administration, Nursing, Personal Care, Maintenance, Activities, Chapel and Dietary.

We would like to open this opportunity up to all of you as well.  Anyone wishing to purchase a shirt should let us know prior to July 12th, at which time we will be placing the order.  The cost is $13.

You may email your desired shirt size and quantity to:  stannesguesthome@gmail.com.

“Rhubarb and Patience”

IMG_0214Here at St. Anne’s we usually have a lot of ‘parties’ throughout the summer and fall months.  This year is starting off as no exception!

Within the past week or two, we have gathered with residents for a few ‘rhubarb cutting parties,” processing about 130 pounds of what we sometimes refer to as the “North Dakota State Weed.”

The abundance of rhubarb donated does come in handy, especially with our ice cream social coming up on Sunday.  We have made, or will soon, three rhubarb cakes and two rhubarb pies for the event.

Another delicious treat we enjoy making from rhubarb is sauce.  The recipe (included below) only calls for 3 cups of rhubarb so it ends up getting multiplied many times to make a much larger batch.  It is very easy, yet oh, so good, eaten plain or as topping for hot cereal or ice cream.

For more about the history of rhubarb, you can read our article from last year.

Let’s close with an old German proverb, which is very fitting for this time of year, when we might be tempted to be tired of all the ‘partying’:  “Rhubarb and patience can work wonders.”

Rhubarb Sauce Recipe
3 cups chopped rhubarb
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup water (if using frozen rhubarb, don’t add water)
Strawberries or a dash of strawberry jello

Bring to a boil and reduce heat.  Cook 5 more minutes or until rhubarb is tender.



There are only seven more days until the annual St. Anne’s Guest Home “Pie, Cake & Ice Cream Social,” but it’s not too late for you to get involved!

Do you have an abundance of rhubarb?  Well, have we got a solution!  Why not whip up a tasty, yet oh so easy, rhubarb dump cake to bring in for the event?  We’ll even provide you with a recipe!

Or, have you seen a mouth-watering recipe for some other sweet pastry that you’re dying to try out?  Why not use this social as an excuse?

If you lack baking inspiration or talent, there’s still a way for you to get involved.  If you’d like to help serve at the event, or make a monetary contribution, you can simply fill out our online form.  (Where else can you scoop out ice cream while enjoying great accordion music?)

And, don’t forget, proceeds of the social benefit our St. Anne’s Activities Department for our residents.