Thank You to our Veterans!

Flag outside St. Anne’s

November is known for a few things, particularly voting, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving, and not to be forgotten: Veterans’ Day.


There are no veterans left from World War I; there are few still alive from World War II and some more from the Korean War.  Our Vietnam vets are also getting older.

A lot of our veterans are now in their 80s and 90s.  There are still many people serving in foreign countries.  Countless veterans, from past decades and from our own time will be will never return.

A good number of our former and present residents are veterans.  Our activity staff are taking any interested current residents who are veterans to enjoy a free lunch for Veterans at the Texas Roadhouse.  Several other restaurants offer a free meal in appreciation to our veterans on this day in their honor.

To me, Veteran’s Day is a very important holiday.  We owe our freedom to these men and women.

If you see a vet or know a vet, thank them for our freedom.  If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be here.  God bless the veterans.

God bless America!

Carla Kennedy


One thought on “Thank You to our Veterans!

  1. Nice article, Carla. I wasn’t aware of the statistics you gave. So many of our holidays are important only for a day off or a sale. It is important for us to be reminded, as you did, what we need to see as important. Thanks for the reminder.


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