“It’s Great to Be Alive at St. Anne’s!” ….a view from our Receptionist, Carla Kennedy


I was asked to do an article for the St. Anne’s Scoop: why I like working at St. Anne’s.  I work at the reception desk.  You would think I just sit and answer the phone.

Things get pretty busy and lively at times.  That’s where the motto “It’s great to be alive at St. Anne’s” must come from.

I do lots of different jobs: mail, take appointment reminders, do book work, etc.  But, my number-one job is the residents.  They keep us all going.  I like to hear about their lives before St. Anne’s: where they were born, about family, kids, grand kids, likes and dislikes, hobbies, etc.

I’m glad to help them if they need it with something.  I like them to know that I care about them and pay attention to what they have to say.

I think all the activities they have for the residents is neat: movies, story-book reading, bingo, games, parties, and other activities, including live music.  I like the people I work with.  I like visiting with the people who come in for Adoration and the people who come to visit residents.

I also have two furry residents I watch over: Gracie and Zoe.  The routine goes like this: feed, water, in-and-out.

I like the good food the kitchen staff cooks and serves.  I also enjoy when Chuck G. and Sr. Elaine with the band entertain in the activity room.

I’m lucky to work with and for such nice people as Sr. Elaine, Sr. Rebecca, Sr. Christina and everyone else!

Carla Kennedy, Receptionist


3 thoughts on ““It’s Great to Be Alive at St. Anne’s!” ….a view from our Receptionist, Carla Kennedy

  1. Nice article, Carla. You do all these things very welcome. I look forward to your cheery greeting whenever I come to pray or visit. You are a friendly ambassador for St Anne’s. Happy Easter!


  2. Carla is a lovely, friendly, cheerful and hard working person. It is always a pleasure to see this “busy bee” meeting, greeting and assisting residents at the front desk. Among her many talents, Carla has a great voice and knows a number of golden oldies. We are blessed to have her at St Annes.


  3. Awesome article! Carla is always busy doing something or another I know the residents love to talk to her there’s always someone at the desk, chatting when she’s working. Having someone to talk to is very important for mental health and emotional well-being. They are lucky to have Carla! Shes a very hard worker, as she works a different job before her shift @ St. Anne’s and never lets her exhaustion get to her cheerful, talkative mood! You are awesome woman keep it up!


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