National Volunteer Week ~ April 12 – April 18


This week, Americans celebrate National Volunteer Week. I thought this was noteworthy for us at St. Anne’s since we are blessed by the kindness of volunteers throughout the year and on special occasions as well. This commemoration has been recognized by the government and is also honored by various organizations on the local level. Not that our volunteers do this for selfish reasons, but according to an article on this week, volunteers can have the added benefits of “increased satisfaction, improved sense of belonging, lower blood pressure, increased protection from Alzheimer’s, and decreased mortality.” Who hasn’t felt the gratification of having lent a hand and getting a job done?

At. St. Anne’s, we will be honoring our volunteers at a special gathering in May, but I’d like to take the opportunity now to thank all those who volunteer at St. Anne’s in various capacities. For more information on our volunteer program, please visit:

On a personal level, I am grateful to the ladies who fill in for me, doing reading hour and Bible Study for me when I am away at times.

There are so many ways that our volunteers help us and we appreciate it!

If you are a St. Anne’s Volunteer, I’d be happy to share your thoughts on volunteering; please let me know!


One thought on “National Volunteer Week ~ April 12 – April 18

  1. Being a resident at St. Anne’s Guest Home makes it easy for me to volunteer. First, I am helping fill a need when we are short-handed or unexpected issues arise that need the attention of knowledgeable staff. Second, I get to know other residents better (names, backgrounds, talents, personalities). Third, it’s rewarding.
    There are many things that I am no longer capable of doing, due to my health. But, I try to offer my help with things that I can manage. And, my reward is that I have a better attitude. I am more observant. I think less about pain or discomfort. I am less critical. I smile more, sing more and am happier!
    Try it – you just might find out that you like it, too!


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