Something special about ‘Nites’

Last week, I worked the night shift and had some thoughts to share about it.

Caught on camera!
I put our new surveillance cameras to good use.

Starting this past June, I’ve worked ‘nites’ a half dozen times.  Although our night staff are good at ensuring the health and physical well-being of our residents, they themselves are not immune to physical ailments.  When no other backup can be found, I’m called upon.  Through this, I’ve discovered: There’s something special about ‘Nites.’

Along with housekeeping and laundry, we take turns doing rounds throughout the night.  As I walk from room to room, checking on the (hopefully) sleeping residents, I am often struck by the specialness, almost sacredness, of this work.  People who can occasionally get on one’s nerves during the day are now so still, so vulnerable.  I realize that I am entrusted with the wellbeing of several priceless human beings.  They are all unique individuals who deserve my respect and my care.

I am most grateful for the opportunity to work the night shift, which gives me new insight and appreciation into the care of our residents.

I guess Gracie isn't always much help as a guard-dog!
I guess Gracie isn’t always much help as a guard-dog!

2 thoughts on “Something special about ‘Nites’

  1. The love and tenderness and respect for life displayed in this particular blog brought tears to my eyes. How beautiful is sanctity! It inspirers me to be more loving and appreciate the dignity of each individual.


  2. Sr Christina, I enjoy all of your posts and read each and every one. This one in particular is so touching and beautiful that I had to stop working for a moment and post a comment. You are truly a beautiful soul and I am glad to know you. I am however, even more overjoyed that you are a friend to my mother and watch over her too. God Bless you and all who work, volunteer and generally help out around St. Anne’s.


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